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I’m alive!! Brain is partially dead, but everything else seems to function. Exams are in roughly a week and I’m freaking out! I’ve been staying up really late each night making notes. All my free time is temporarily tied up with work. But I still feel like I’m not doing enough. *screams*


Look, I searched for a folder to keep all my notes, made my own timetable so I won’t get confused with the other subjects, printed covers for every subject..


Haiqal, you just had to highlight that corner, huh? My hard work…. You sure are the bestestestestest -__-



photo 4

I know, I’ve not updated in SUCH A LONG TIME! (I almost forgot I had a blog… just kiddingggg!) But, you understand, right? Exams are a pain in the butt. But my dad will be an even bigger pain in the butt if my results aren’t up to his expectations. Summer break is in less than a month and it’ll last for about a month and half. Which is a very long time (obviously). I cannot afford being nagged at for that long. Also, it’ll be Ramadhan, which means that I have to be extra patient although I’ll probably be crazy frustrated if my dad is only going to remind me of my poor performance in school each time he sees me. Btw, my frustration level reaches its peak whenever I’m hungry. I don’t want all my hair to drop off over the break so, I hope I’ll do well enough.

My dad isn’t kiasu, don’t worry. Kiasu means ‘fear of losing’, or just simply wanting to be the best of the best (..wait for it, i’m not done yet..) AT EVERYTHING. And not in a good way. At least that’s what I think it means? I’ve been making up new meanings for words quite a lot these few days. Effects of examinations. Back to my point about my dad not being kiasu. Dude, if you’re a dad, you’d clearly want the best for your children, no? My dad pushes me to strive for the best. Every father out there can only imagine the greatest things in life for their beloved children. He wants me to make the family proud but more importantly, to make myself proud. Come to think of it, Daddy’s really considerate. He’ll know I’ve tried my best and that there’s nothing I would be able to do to change what has happened except to work harder the next time. I love you, Tarzan!

As you can tell from the picture of me being brain-dead above, I’m still in my school uniform. Meaning I’ve not showered yet, hehehe. I’ve got to go nowww. I’ll post if I can before or in between my exams but don’t go away completely if I don’t. *sobs* Okay? On the 12th of June, I’ll be as free as a bird again and, I promise, more active. By the way, twenty-two thousand views?! I WANNA HUG ALL OF YOU SO TIGHT.

Just in case, wish me luck! I’ll need it. Till next timeeee. 

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