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OMG, exams are over!!!! Can dump everything out now..


Hah, I wish. This exams being over only brings IGCSE closer. Anyhoo, lets get out of this boring subject and talk about what’s happening tonight!

KTJ annually hosts a prom night for the seniors of our school at the end of every acedemic year. I’m no senior yet, but I’ll still crash the party therefore, I’d have to wait till next year for my turn! No, don’t worry. I’m not the super omg-can’t-wait-for-prom-picked-out-my-dress-since-I-was-eight kind of girl. This is just how excited I get every year during prom, even though I won’t even be going. -___- yeah, I’m sad like that.

To me, the best parts of prom would be the prom-posals that go on throughout the few months before prom and also finding out who will be chosen as prom royalty for the year. This year, it’s a pretty tough competition for all four categories I must say so, no one really knows who’s going to win. If I were allowed to vote, these four nominees would be who I cast my vote on:

image (3)

Hanna, for Prom Princess,

image (2)

Haiqal, for Prom Prince, (don’t get too happy, Haiqal.)

image (1)

Aileen, for Prom Queen,


Aaand Tabson, for Prom King. (Although his shirt doesn’t seem to agree with me.)

But, I’ve not been given voting rights *cries* hahaha. I hope I don’t offend anybody, I’m just stating my opinion, hehe. Like I’ve mentioned before, this year’s candidates are meeting a tough match so good luck to all nominees! I hope everyone attending tonight’s prom would have an amaaazing time and make lots of fond memories together. Alsoooooo, be good!

By the wayyyy, did you know that tomorrow is Father’s Day? I didn’t. (I’m just kidding Daddy! I’ve been planning for over two months already.) *whispers* Is Father’s Day even in June? HELP MEEEE!! Email me your ideas. Preferably something do-able within less than 24 hours please. #daughteroftheyear

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