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Three days ago, this blog officially turned THREE YEARS OLD! What?! And I’m already nineteen. Sort of panicked when I realised how close I was to adulthood and bought a tonne of anti-aging products. 

The age 18 and 19 is where you’re just not so sure which category you’re in. You’re just in this odd grey area. Are you a teenager? Are you an adult? When I was a kid, all I wanted to be was a teenager so I’m going to call myself that for one more year. 

I’ve started something new this year and it’s vlogging! I’m reaaally enjoying it and I’m sure I’ll be vlogging way more often than I blog. Obviously, Lucky Dolphin stays. Just that my content will probably change slightly. I’ll still blog about random and casual things but I thought of making it slightly more formal with better quality photos and more planned posts which you can say, require slightly more effort. But with a plan, I’ll hopefully blog more because now I solely depend on when I have the time to blog and when I have something slightly more interesting to talk about. So now, I’ll find the time, put it in my to do list and get it done! (Hopefully.)

Thank you very much for reading my blog – even if this is the first post you’re reading or if you’ve been following from three years ago. I love you guys very much! You’re such a lovely and positive bunch of people and I’ll always love reading the things you have to say. 

Oh! Take a look at my vlogs and subscribe if you’d like to. Click here. And here and here and here. Just in case you’ve missed it, you can click here. And watch my birthday vlog below!! #shamelessselfpromo 

Many, many years to go! InsyaAllah.

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  1. Miss M says:

    Happy birthday Athisha! A year older and a lot wiser, no? May Allah bless you eternally. Pls take care of yourself (being a good girl, a good muslimah in sha Allah). ?

  2. ellia says:

    Hi, seriously I love your vlogs! 🙂 I ada minat yang sama macam you. I ada blog and youtube channel. But I takde confident nak continue vlogging macam org lain ?

  3. Erni Hasmiza says:

    Happy birthday Athisha. I loves reading your blog and follow up with your vlog too. May Allah bless you dear.

  4. Nelisarahman says:

    I love reading your blog tisha! Omg! I finished my reading with all the chapter in 1 day?

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