About Me

Hello! Welcome to my tiny little space on the internet. Just a quick backstory on myself and my blog.

Family of 9 siblings. I’ll say their names in order real quick. Sara, Nabila, Neelofa, Nellisa, Athira, Aqief, Ameera, Faliq and Firdaus. I’m after Aqief, before Ameera. Little Firdaus is waiting for us in Firdaus at the moment (Firdaus means heaven, btw!).

Love. Wan Amirul Haiqal. Together since 2011! Follow us on Instagram if you’re not one to puke at sappy, lovey dovey posts. Met him at KTJ and he just graduated in June 2016 and will be going to the UK for university in a few weeks *cries a bucket few buckets*. So, LDR it is.

FAME. Frieda Athisha Moon Erin. My best friends with the most self-absorbed Whatsapp group name in the world. Took time for all of us to get close but once we did, we clicked immediately. Moon and I are still in college together so we see each other nearly everyday. Frieda and Erin are a little further away from us but we keep each other updated on most days, very expectedly of course. Also, my larger circle of friends are amazing as well and are people I love with all my heart!!

Currently on my 7th and last year at KTJ, on my 2nd A level year. Been here since I was in form one and now I’m in college and then I’ll FINALLYYYYY be graduating by June 2017!

Why Lucky Dolphin? Dolphin because, KTJ has been a huge chunk of my life and it’ll always be part of me. I want to remember it every single day of my life! I love KTJ as a whole so much, but I love my boarding house, Jawahir, most. Our mascot is a dolphin so, that’s why. Lucky because, I can consider myself to be a very, very lucky person. With the huge, lovely family I have, the most perfect man who is constantly by my side through anything and everything, the best bunch of friends, a prestigious school to give me the best possible education, to have you as my reader. I could go on all day. My first blog post was published the day I turned 16 as a gift from me to me. Always loved writing and loved the idea of blogging so here I am and here I’ll stay.

I’ll always try to blog as frequently as I can but I’m sure most of you are or were once students yourself so you’d know how hectic that life is! Anyway, welcome to my lifestyle blog, Lucky Dolphin. Thank you for dropping by. *very very big smile till it looks kind of creepy*