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Hello. Do you still remember me? Sorry for the lag but I’m back and I’ve got something exciting for you. (I’ll tell you in a bit.)

Really quickly, I’d like to share what I did during New Year’s Eve. Sat in front of the TV while texting literally everyone away to double check when their birthdays to fill my brand new calendar. Just 15 minutes before midnight, I rushed out of the house to countdown to the new year with my sister and her boyfriend. Some places blasted their fireworks earlier than the time on my phone and some were so much later. Thankfully, some places did get it right so, phew! From where I live, we could see fireworks from a few places but each place at its own time, of course.

Just to add, I had a headband which says “PARTY TIME, 2017”. Super semangat. Then we shot out confetti and tried to pretend that we weren’t afraid of the booming noise it made. We sat together after and spoke for hours until they left to their respective homes and then I just sat back in front of the TV, continuing what I did before. New year, same old me. – stole that from literally everyone’s captions. I hope your NYE was way more interesting than mine was. 

Last year had many ups and downs, some of which were the reason why I neglected blogging a lot. But, I’m looking forward to what 2017 is about to offer. Hopefully it’s only happiness, good results, nice clothes and lots of make up. This year is considered a pretty anticipated one for me. InsyaAllah, I’ll be sitting for my final A Level papers, I’ll graduate from college in 6 months, LDR will end, I’ll be going to the UK to further my studies by September or so, my sister will be getting married to the love of her life (Encik Sotong/Jebat, whichever you prefer). WHAAAAAAAAT. I can’t wait! (But the exam bit can definitely take its time.)

Also, this year onwards, I mayyyyyy want to start vlogging. Don’t kill me if I don’t do it because it all really depends. I’d also like to be more interactive with my readers. So, what better way than to start with a giveaway.


Two Quay Australia shades for only one of you. Why shades? Because these are freaking cool and your resolution is to be extra cooler this year, isn’t it?

What you’d have to do is:

  1. Comment below your Instagram username, whether or not me vlogging is a good idea (be honest!), why you gave that answer, whether I should just do it on Instagram or on YouTube and lastly, if I do it on YouTube, should I call it Athisha Khan or Lucky Dolphin. 
  2. You must be following me on Instagram. 
  3. That’s it. 

This will end on the 10th of January! If you don’t get it this time, I’ll have more giveaways coming. Good luck! And, Happy New Year!!

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  1. Nur athirah bt ahmad zobri says:

    Hi! Im athirah and my instagram is @ollaperf. I am very sure that you vlogging is a good idea bcs i am the one who will read your blog when u update something hehe Honestly. If you do it on youtube, it will hard for me to follow your latest update bcs you know, im student at uitm and the wifi is sangat lembab nak mampus if tengok Youtube. So if you update it on blog, i can follow it. You know that you such an inspiration for me. Hope you will not stop vlogging! ? thank you

  2. Nana says:

    Hi atisha! I’m actually looking forward for you to post more vlogs and one minute isn’t enough for me, i think you should upload it on youtube as there is no time limit 🙂 i love watching your vlogs just because i like to see you (you’re so pretty) and i find your daily life so interesting& your family are a bunch of fun& lovely people! i prefer your youtube channel to be called lucky dolphin. 🙂 I don’t know, i think it’s cute. Hehe. Goodluck for your A2 this year ❤ my instagram username is @zailiyana

    Keep blogging! I love all your posts ❤

  3. Jasmine Beins says:

    Well first of all Hiiiiiii there my name is Jasmine Beins. My instagram name is @jasminebeins . Okay I think you vlogging would be amazing because I love your videos on instagram and I constantly watch them cause they are just so fun to watch. Plus your editting skills is on point girl!!! And I think you should do it on Youtube so that everyone in the world can reach out to you and watch your videos. And I think Lucky Dolphin is such a good name and its just too cute to ignore you know what I mean hahah . Lots of love for you and I can’t wait to see more of your videos. Much Love ?

  4. Sharifah Nurhanizah binti Syed Yusof says:

    1) Instagram name: hanisyusof
    2) YES YES YES!!!!!
    3) Because you are good at it! And because I love how creative you are at editing it and it could just be a simple video (like the one you recorded when you were out with your friends) but it definitely is interesting (watched it few times). And just to add that, you making all that video, inspires me (who isn’t creative, at all) to actually try to vlog one day. Hehe
    4) Honestly speaking, I think you should do it on youtube. But of course, you have to be really committed to it. If you’re not ready for all that, just stay with posting it on instagram. Either way, your followers will still support you 😉
    5) It should be Lucky Dolphin. With technologies nowadays, people will easily find out who the real you behind that name. After all, it’s a cute name!

    That is all, thank you Athisha! ?

  5. Nurul Izzah says:

    Hai Athisa!
    Instagram: @nlizzah

    Assalamualaikum! Definitely here I am writting for you to read just because of that super cool spec ? Btw, about the vlogging, i think it is the perfect ideas that u can make for your readers, especially me hehe. It was fun reading your blog but its gonna be MORE FUN if you start to vlog. For sure i’ll see your vlog as much as I can if no one would see it. HAHAH kidding! Thats a joke bcs you already have a lot of fans out there and I think you already make decision whether to vlog or not. All that matters is for you to be happy and please dont stop blogging cause i bloody like you heheh. Hah! Make it on Youtube cause its much more longer that Instagram right? & you should put as LuckyDolphin cause its unique and it is who you are lucky Tisha ❤ Love you tisha so much

  6. Masturah Merican says:

    Hello there atisha? I honestly think it would be a great idea if you decided to blog because I really like to see you because you have the quirky side plus outgoing and funny side. And I’m very sure it’ll be fun to see you bloom in every phase of your life for example when you’re going to uni in September, and the list goes on and on but on the other hand maybe you shouldn’t because it can be a pain in the ass at times when people start to comment on every move you make and so on. But if, if you decide to vlog, I think you should start with Instagram because you have followers there and then after that you can start to vlog on YouTube. I think the lucky dolphin is a great idea because of what it means to you, and how blessed you are. Heheh wishing you all the best, oh my ig is masturahmerican

  7. Masturah Merican says:

    *vlog I meant sorry

  8. Aina Farhana Termizi says:

    Hi pretty Atisha ❤! I am Aina Farhana. My instagram username is ainatermizi. For my point of view, i would really love if you do a vlogging channel! And i really think that you should post your vlogs in youtube. Why youtube? Because becoming a youtuber have a higher chance to be a successful person and not to forget that you will have a BIG chance to be a international youtuber too. And why you should do vlogging is because your life is kindda different from others. Idk why but i seriously have a thought that you live like a princess! ? I said this in the name of being honest. I really like to see your life style. And somehow or sometimes i really adore you and your sisters and everything about you. ? Watching your videos recently in instagram feels like i want moreeee! And last but not least, i think you should call your name Atisha Khan ❤ Why because i believe this name could be known to all around the world. Thats all. Thanks ? and keep on blogging! Id love to read more ?

  9. Che Aina Husna says:

    Hello Athisha,
    Firstly, to let you know i adore you like more than a much. Been reading and following you since the journey you started this blog. Which says you gave yourself as a birthday present, right? Im sorry for my english, it got worst since school ends already. now in my point of you, you should really keep on vlogging, why? instead of writing too long and needing time for you to think and summarize it all for an entry, you can just give it a picture through your vlogging. Your last vlogging on meeting Haiqal give me so much inspirations on how distance separate you guys but loves attach you guys as one. Sounds cliche, iknow but hey #iLikeyourway! Youtube or Instagram? It all doesnt matter as long as the vlog makes you happy and people around you 🙂 It doesnt matter how long it takes to vlog or whatsoever, even though you cant make it consistent but hey, every seconds shows the precious life you’ve got. That is all from my words, i wish i could explain more in details but lets make it on the other around later. Love you loads, Lucky Dolphin. (i prefer both of yours, Athisha Khan and Lucky Dolphin) Happy New Year btw <3

    Love ,
    Your Sincere Reader.
    Aina Husna
    (ig; @ainaahusna)

  10. Farah Majdah Johari says:

    Hi athisha!! My instagram username is @farahjoharii . So first thing first i want you to know that you are such an inspiration to me because you are living your life not like others (i’m sorry hahaha ) and that’s why you should consider your vlogging plan! No lies bro you are super cool! I mean you should vlog!! I prefer (think) you should post on youtube because i bet each and everyone of your reader including ME want the vlog to be in longer duration hehehehe. But then if you want to post on instagram will be okay as well as you know none of us will lose the chance to watch it ? ok and if you decided to vlog on youtube then you should use your SUPER DUPER username which is Lucky Dolphin hehehe why because it is super cute! Athisha khan will be good as well. And people who follows you will support you no matter what username you’ll be using hahaha that’s for sure ?? so yeahh i hope this will help you! Ohhh and lastly to be honest ugh you’re so damn beautiful ?? byeeeee

  11. Balqis Farhana says:

    Hello athisha!
    Instagram; @twinklebal

    I really think and love if u can do vlog because it will be more fun! You can share on how you living ur life and what is going on with ur life much more easier. I will enjoy it seriously ? I think youtube is a good place for u to share the vlog because nowdays youtube have been a popular place for vloggers. I would love if you can still using ‘lucky dolphin’ because it is super cute and more attractive ?

  12. Aqidah says:

    Heyy im Aqidah and my instagram is @aqidahazhar . I think you should SERIOUSLY VLOG, i love watching vlogs and your recent short vlogs of your trip in London on your instagram was sooo fun and nice. It made me feel as if i was there tooo ? You should seriously vlog because then, we wouldn’t just be seeing pictures of your life in London and getting a few blogs here and there. We’ll get to have a closer connection and understand more about your college/uni life in London and a little bit of your love life with your boyfriend (you guys are seriously so cute) . Oh and i suggest you just post short trailers on your instagram of your vlog but post the whole vlog on youtube because i feel like, with the duration of instagram l videos, it would be soo short. Furthermore, manyyyy more will watch your youtube vlogs rather than just scrolling past an instagram vlog thinking “oh just another video bla bla”. Basically, i think vlogs are meant to be on youtube. Last, i think its really up to you to name it. I prefer Athisha Khan as it sounds more professional (no offence to your blog’s name which is Lucky Dolphin, i mean even Vivy Yusof’s blog is called proudduck) but thats just my honest opinion. Whichever makes you feel like its the name you want to introduce yourself to will be just fine for me. Because i’ll be there for your vlogs (no name aint gonna stop me) phew i hope i dont bore you with this longggg paragraph but i really just wanted to answer your question. Hehe lots of love!! Xx i look forward to your progress this year ?

  13. Hana says:

    Hi my instagram username is hanamasduki. YESS u should vlog more! And make a youtube channel using lucky dolphin as username ?

    I lovee watching your short videos dekat instagram especially masa u pegi london tu. The reason u should buat vlog is that we get to know u better and we loveee to see more from you (longer version if u buat YouTube channel) haha and i know that u can be a good vlogger sebab u have fun and energetic personality! All the best xx

  14. Nurra Farisha says:

    Hi Athisha! My instagram’s username is @nurrafarisha and Im already one of your followers long time ago! Btw, I love your UK’s vlogs series that u posted on instagram but i would prefer if u make a channel on youtube. It is just that u can post longer vlog on youtube than instagram cause I really love watching your vlogs!!! And, LUCKY DOLPHIN IS A NICE CHANNEL NAMEEEEEEE PLS MAKE A CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE LOVE U LOTSSSSSSS **Im in love with your blog too! ??

  15. Kamalin Mastura says:

    Hi there! My username is @kmstura ?
    Omg finally you will start vlogging oh god. I’ve been waiting this for a long time since i do enjoy watching your update on instagram and when you upload your instastory, i will immediately watching amd not gonna missed it. Your cheerful really makes me enjoy watching you. And btw, i adore your relationship with haiqal. Both of you are so good together. You go girl do vlogging, do everything that can make you happy and I’m here supporting you from behind. Stick with your lucky dolphin bcs you’re really cute with that dolphin ? And I’m that lucky person who can be one of your followers. Much love ?❤️?

  16. Erryn says:

    INSTAGRAM NAME: Errynerlynna

    Yes Athisha. You should do vlog because I’m addicted to your insta story. I’m sure others too. To be honest, it is a good idea to do Vlog. Insta story not enough! ? HAHAHA. I’m sure other than me, there’s lots of people waiting your vlog. In my opinion, you can slowly start vlog now few videos but not too serious because you’ll busy with your A-level exams. That’s your future. You should care about yourself more than your fans. After A-level exams I’m sure lots of us wanna know your LDR life! Vlog about your university, LDR friends, university life and so much more! Nothing much to Vlog here. But, plesse do Vlog even before your LDR life ? Btw, you look like Kendal Jenner. Too pretty! You may bored with my comment because too straightforward answer your question. Hahaha I don’t know to to sweet talk just giving my honest opinion. Please please please do vlog. I’m addicted HAHAHAHAHA take care pretty atishaaaaa Xx

  17. Syazana says:

    Hello there Athisha!
    Hope you’re doing good and not been wasting the 4th day of 2017 like I did.hahaha
    You vlogging would definitely be a great idea! I just love how you edit your videos, and your voice is easy on the ears. I mean seriously, I sound so squeaky when recorded, like Shizuka from Doraemon. ? And without a doubt, you are easy on the eyes too. You are so bubbly! Love your energy!!
    Instagram or YouTube? Can you do both? A full version on YouTube, and a sneak peek on Instagram perhaps. Anddddd, your account should be called Athisha Khan. Because it’s simple and beautiful as it is. Be it on Instagram or YouTube i will definitely watch your vlogs. Adore you. ❤

    ❤, Syazana
    Instagram : @jaja.syazana

  18. Adam Mansor says:

    Hello there Atisha. I really interested in your vlog so much. Now i can get closer into your life. Ill Know what such a crazy beautiful cute things you do with your family and friends and your love one,”WAH”. He such a cute guy. Btw the luckiest thing about him is he got you, rezeki diaaaaa?. I want to know what happen next between you and WAH! Lol. That’s why you should do something like vlogging. About the youtube video? I will. But i prefer your insta stories. I never missed your insta stories, swear! and texted you so many times on insta and you never reply?. About your name, i prefer your real name ATISHA KHAN because i feel you as atisha but lucky dolphin such a cute name and finally all the best to you. My insta @admmnsr

  19. Abbie says:

    Hi girl ! You must do a YouTube channel! I will subcribe ,im older than you but you’re giving me so much inspiration. Every single day i would love to scroll down your ig , to get the motivation to be pretty like you . Anyhow , youre just so lucky bcs youre so beautiful, smart and hv a sucha lovely family (its very interesting to be revealed in your blog soon) . And all your photos nd videos are just so honest, thats what made people really wanna see whats next ! I love the way you carry yourself . I dont really mind Athisha Khan or Lucky Dolphin since athisha is your name and LD is very significant with you. If you alrdy made up your mind forYoutube channel, all the best girl ❤️. *Haha buat jah takyoh mikir panje, dlu sokmo tgk athisha dlm snapchat amira, loni amira tk guna doh snapchat lama. (Ig:abbie.adry)

  20. Izzati says:

    Hi Athisha!! My Instagram name is @izzatikkamasala (I went through a period where all I ate was Chicken Tikka Masala ok hahah) but anyways I love watching your little short vlogs on Instagram because I’m genuinely interested in your daily life and what you do, sounds creepy lol buuuuuuut ya.☺️
    Your editing is also super creative and omg you and your boyfriend so CUTE! And I think you’re quite good at vlogging like you know the “correct” moments to vlog plus you’re so stunning how can people not watch it?? But for you, vlogging could be a great way of recording your memories for you to look back on later in life!
    I think YouTube would be a better platform to really stretch your creativity as there is no time limit, and to make it longer maybe have chattier vlogs as opposed to aesthetic shots with bg music. While maybe on Instagram you could post a 1min sneak peak of the actually vlog and just link the vid??
    As for the username, LuckyDolphin is quite cute and unique so it’s a yes from me hahaha sorry for writing a whole essay I get really excited sometimes cannot control.

  21. Marry says:

    I’m @maryamnaddy on instagram.
    You should totally vlog on youtube (because It would be longer and I can watch while eating?)
    Plus, I love seeing your sense of style and personality – you’re so relatable and I’m always wondering what lipstick you have on lol!
    Call it Lucky Dolphin because it’s cute and quirky like you!

  22. Syaa Rusli says:

    Hi Athisha, I’m syaa and my instagram is @syaarusli. We used to talk few times on instagram through DM. I think you should start vloging. Why ? Because I am in love with u and i love to see u in videos. I’ve never miss your post on instagram, especially your london vlog and your insta story is my WAJIB things to open and even your blog I have read all of your post not only once but uncountable! Not only that, your editing skills was daboom, I also vloged about my trip but I’m not as pro as you. You have inspire me a lot, no youre not, you are actually inspiring most of your followers! Whenever I watched your videos I feel we have connected to each other, we may not know each other but i think you’re such a great person.

    Instagram or youtube? Youtube please because it will be much more longer. I will be your first subscribers for sure and turn on notifications and like all of your videos! You can also post the sneak peak of you vlog on instagram! And i don’t mind whats name you’re going to use , thats not gonna stop me from watching yout videos over and over again. Keep inspire and spread love.

    So much love for you,
    Xoxo SYAA. ❤️?

  23. Humaira says:

    Hi atisha ! I think you realllyy should do a youtube chanel and vlog every now and then. The reason is because you know, i know you bacause of your sister. So basically most of the people probably know you because of your sister. So with you trying to take this big steps by making videos on your youtube chanel would make a change i believe. I believe people will know you for your talent and for who you are. People will be more intrested in you for who you are. Not just neelofa’s sister. And i have faith in you. Not because i want the giveaway but i always rewatch and rewatch your short videos in instagram because it was good. It was veryy good. It really is worth watching. Its interesting and fun to watch 🙂 and i want your chanel to he name as lucky dolphin. Because it can be your alter ego. Its like people know you, for your dolphin hehehe. That is my reason. And i know you’ll do it. My instagram is @humairahjamil

  24. NIK NURSYAFIYA says:

    Salam alayk, kak athisha :’)
    1) ig: @niksyafiya
    2) yes yes yesss!! You really should do vlog Youtube because 1 minute video on instagram isn’t enough for me + your editing skills is totally ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ . And there’s something interesting about your character; happy go lucky and very positive! Love that♡ also you’re such a cutie I swear especially your nose? eventhough pics on your intagram can do the talking but a video can make a whole lot better speech♡ lastly you should call your youtube channel Lucky Dolphin because people will get interested in watching ur vids like looking at dolphins heheh. Thankyou!!♡

  25. Maisarahanun says:

    Hi gurll!
    You should absolutely definitely 100% make a vloggggg!!! Honestly, i really enjoy your video that you posted on your IG when you were in UK. I really love your editing skills and i would love to know you more 😉 Oh, i think Youtube is better place for vlog and can make video longer hehehe :p ps: i love long vlog. About the username is actually up to you but Lucky Dolphin kinda cutee and suit for you. Hopefully, you will consider it to make a vlog and my instagram username is maisarahanun. xxx

  26. Leen says:

    Hi Athisha! You should do vlogging. It is a very good idea bcs it is more interesting. I watched your old videos on your blog and it made me feel like to watch it again and again. If you know how disappointed I am when all your old videos are no longer available ? I prefer you do it on Youtube. And use Lucky Dolphin as it suits you well. Hehe. Instagram @leeniszjas

  27. Eeda Hamden says:


    Oh hello there, Athisha!
    @eedahamden here. Am I too late for the Quay thingy?! No? No? Okay great. So um, YES GIRL, BIG YES FOR YOU! you should start doing vlog because I can’t get enough of your insta stories lol seriously. I want more! I mean, we want more! Right guys? Yeahhhhh. I can see that you’re into videography stuffs (Go pro says it all), why don’t you give it a try? Bet you’ll love it. Time to share all the good memories in YouTube and leave your phone some space! For the username, I guess you should stick to your real name, Athisha Khan.
    Stay bubbly, stay athisha and stay sassy gurrrrrr! Xx

    1. Eeda again says:

      ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ you should start **vlogging

  28. Fiqah says:

    Instagrame username : @fiqahws
    Hi Athisha!! Big fan here from Brunei ? i adore you sooooo much! Yessss you (really, really!!) should do vlog. No matter where will it be, I will definitely, certainly gonna watch it! Hehe. But preferably on youtube ? (By the name Lucky Dolphin, so us readers know who that lucky dolphin is ?) I watched your videos on instagram, and replayed it so many times sebab fun! especially part Athisha & Wan, sweet sangat ? I am really looking forward to your vlog. Lots of love, Fiqah ❤️

  29. Ardila Aishah says:

    Hi! Im ArdilaAishah and thats also my username in instagram. I watched your videos when you were in the uk. I honestly think you should start vlogging cause i think youre good at creating contents and editing them. Personally not into vlogs but yours were an exception after watching all the videos you posted while youre in uk hehe i think you should post in youtube cause you can post a longer vlogs (yay to that idea) and everyone can rewatch it anytime at any resolution. Lastly, i think you should name your channel theluckydolphin to match your cute blog hehe lots of love x

  30. Ain najiha says:

    Well hi there the lucky dolphin! ? I like that name btw ? So my instagram’s name is @ain.najiha I seriously loving all your posts on instagram. Your instagram feed was super nice n neat. I think you should do more vlog because I like to see it so much. I mean, wow it was short but the vlog was not borint at all! And the quality also nice. So I think you should sign up a youtube account. So I will get to see yout vlog in a longer version! And the name should be athisha khan I think. Because let “the lucky dolpin” only in your blog. Please do a lot of videos! I will definitely enjoy every post !!! I am super excited while typing this. Haha. Stay pretty you truly the luckiest dolphin ???

  31. Radha Sulaiman says:

    Hai pretty! My ig is @raradha and have been followed your blog since the 4th blogpost! Well to be honest i love reading and your writing is superb! I mean it’s easy to understand all the way with sense of humor that never failed to entertain your readers. In the other hand, vlogging is a happy medium for you to share your happiest moment. i saw your first vlog on ig and probably if you want to continue vlogging, please do not forget to update your blog. I’m your blog’s big fans you know hehe. I prefer you to blog actually sobs. But if you’ll go with vlogging, pls stick with Lucky Dolphin amd create a youtube channel. Bcs i know this keramat name is very close to your heart. And do not forget to update your instastory pls hahahha! Xoxo.

  32. aznidamir says:

    Hi athisha. Im Eli and my ig username is @aznidamir .
    Well looking forward for your vlog !!!! the short vlog in your insta is reallllly good however i wish it could be a little bit longer (yup on youtube) haha eee over nya request haha lol and i would prefer Athisha Khan just because i like your name .

  33. Hamna A’fifah says:

    Hey babe. The answer to your question is Y E S. I started following you cause of your videos. Most of the followers like to watch videos and there’s only a number of people who love to make vlogs. So, making vlog is a good idea. I found it very creative and love how you edit all of the videos. While watching your videos and also instastory, not only I get to see what revolves around you (lol I sound like a stalker), I get to see some part of UK as well since you’re studying there. On a side note, making vlogs would enhance your skills in editing and planning to make the videos as well as creativity. Since instagram video limit is up to 60 secs, you should consider upload it on your youtube account. Make a teaser if you have free time and post it on ig. This gives us thrill and want to see more. It’s like a movie trailer. On top of that, we could hit the play button several times and easy to search/watch other videos of you on youtube. To me, I prefer you name your account as Athisha Khan. You wear your name as a brand and that is what most designer brand does. Also, when searching your name on google/yahoo, your face would pop up instead of dolphins. Get what I mean? That’s all from me. Hope I solved your dilemmas a lil bit and Happy New Year! XX @hamnafifah ?✨

  34. Shazlyn sabrinna says:

    Salam. Hi Athisha!! My ig acc is @shzyrynnn. Please please please do vloging because i will be the first one who will susbscribe on your channel and watch all your videos! Vloging is so so so much better because i might feel like talking face to face with you. Lol but seriously just do it. And lastly, oh come on i dah lama gila follow you dekat instagram. Oh not to forget i hope i can win this giveaway because i never join any giveaway before and ofcourse i join this because i will be the happiest person ever if i got a present from you!!! ❤️️

    1. Shazlyn sabrinnaa says:

      Lupa one thing, why not if you buat nama vlog you Lucky Athisha (obviously i suggest you vlog on youtube!), so ramai yg akan sebut nama tu and ianya akan menjadi satu doa! Hehe

  35. Muggles says:

    Username: @muggles007. I think vlogging is a great idea. I do hope you continue to blog though. Blogging is great for going deeper into topics while vlogging is great for seeing the world around you. I think vlogging on YouTube is much better that way you can film longer. I like watching vlogs but please focus on just your forehead like other vloggers LOL. Lastly, I like the name Athisha Khan because it’s unique I’ve never heard of Athisha before and I feel like if I write in the lucky dolphin I’ll get all this unrelated posts lol

    1. Muggles says:

      Oops in meant please don’t focus on just your forehead lol make sure we can see the beautiful world around you

  36. Hafsah says:

    Hi Athisha! I lovvvvvvveeeeeee your video post!! love it so much! It makes me feel young again :p I’m pretty sure I’m very much out of your fans typical age group hihi.. but I dont care. Still a fan! I first stumbled upon your video in IG, and now your blog – I have lots to catch up! I prefer Lucky Dolphin as to your real name, just because I’m a private person. And I agree with others who suggest that you stick with IG first, YouTube is big commitment. Last but not least, all the best in whatever you decided to do. I’ll be your no.1 fan (in kakak2/makcik2 kategori).. hahahaha cheers @hafsah2k

  37. DR says:

    IG: @deannarahmann

    Hi, Athisha! The answer is yes. Vlogging is fun, yours was good & keep going! You seems funny & i love the way how you talk. I prefer Youtube than Instagram, because of the time limit. Also, i like Athisha Khan. It’s easier to make people remember your name ^^ anyway, thank you for the giveaway! Good luck in your studies ;>

  38. Nur Iffah Roslan says:

    Hi Athisha! My ig username is @ifffffah and yes i think you should just continue with vlogging,where you can really be yourself and i love how expressive you are! People will really enjoy your vlog because you have a good sense of humour.If you have the talent, why dont you use it right! And of course Youtube! It’s better & convenient.Athisha Khan or Lucky Dolphin? I think both is nice but Athisha Khan is better.All the best for your future endeavours and good day! May Allah ease your ride both dunya and akhirah.

  39. Iman Natasha Sofea says:

    (ig: imannatashamj)

    YES! YES! and definitely YES! You should do with vlogging because that is the way for you to get up close with your followers too! Whether it is on Instagram or YouTube, I think both would be fine but YouTube would be a better choice since there will be some of your followers do not own social media. Lucky Dolphin suits you better since a lot of people recognize you with the name.

  40. aunieaaa says:

    hi Athisha!!! instagram(aunieaaa). i really admire u n u make me more confident with myself with ur writing but… i want u to do vlog pleaseee… yeah vlog!!! l love all ur instagram videos.. when im watching eh dah hbis kejapnyaa… n i kept replay the videoss hahahaha silly right? i think lucky dolphin such d unique name n u r such d unique person n it will be more mysterious hahah?? because everyone knows u as lucky dolphin..hahah may Allah bless u n happy new year!!

  41. Farisha Sham says:

    Assalamualaikum and hello pretty Athisha ❤ My name is @farishasham ? i really really want you to start vlogging and i prefer you post it on youtube because i spend most of my leisure time on youtube than instagram. I will also be the first person to watch ur vlog once u upload it SERIOUSLY hehehe. I loooove your editing skil and ur personality. You make me smile whenever i watch ur videos or instastories because u are such a bright person. Cant wait to watch ur first vlog soon. May Allah bless you and ur family and have a great 2017 . Goodluck in whatever you do. Fi hifzillah ?

    1. Farisha sham says:

      Oops tertinggal ? u shd use ur username as Lucky Dolphin ? rare sikit heheb

  42. Nina says:

    Hye athisha. Just dropping by to test my luck (?) i don’t usually do this, in fact this is my first time ?? so yeah…
    Omg u should should should definitely start vlogging!!! Lovess all ur videos that u posted on instagram and ur blog! Why u should do so? ‘Cause ur legit hilarious and cool!!
    I think that posting on utube or insta wouldnt matter that much, ’cause both are fine. But maybe youtube since its a vlog. And it should definitely be the lucky dolphin! ‘Cause that’s a part of ur unique identity ?

    My ig is @hazrinahisham

  43. Dayana Nur Farhana says:

    Elo beautiful!?
    Dayana here ?? & my instagram username is @dynnrfrhna ?
    There is some advantages and disadvantages between both of that. But i do prefer if you would like to vlogging. Bcs i was hooked with your instagram stories! And i really want to watch more, more and more videos from you babe! Oh well, setting up a good vlog is not very difficult for you. Right? Hehe. Bcs you already have the right kind of equipment. You are also the one that have the proffesional writing skills already! Hehe so nothing can stop you from vlogging hehe As long as the topic or issue that being discussed is interesting and engaging, it won’t be a problem hehe . Both of that have pros and cons that need to be considered before making a decision. Lucky Dolphin! Bcs it is a cute ang unique! & yeah as a fisheries student i do love dolphin tho! ? Looking forward to hear from you darl Athisha Khan?

    Dayana ❤

  44. Yaya Rahim says:

    Greetings! So, below are my answers for all your inquiries ❄

    My instagram account : @aliahooo

    And for sure! A big yes, i would say, if you want to start vlogging cause you’re such a cool girl! Sometimes, i feel like, you are the kendall of the khan ; a lil bit reserved compared to your other siblings but i mean, of course, you’re fun to hang out with, girl! In your own way! And of you start vlogging, We could see that side of you! My eyes will be glued on computer just like how i watched the kardashians. Loll.
    Please do it on the youtube anyway, cause the videos will be longer and it’ll have more content. You could use all your creative juices to create content for those videos too! And please put athisha khan cause you can brand your name at the same time. I mean…Who knows if you’re going to be the next zoella? #yesyouare #secretlyhopingforthequays #loveeeyou

  45. Aliah Izzah says:

    Hello there, peace be upon you;
    Instagram: @aliahizzah
    I think there’re lots of really good reason why you should start vlogging. For the most part, it’s good for you to connect with your followers/audience.

    And of course Youtube! It’s the best platform for you to start vlogging. Another reason is because I spend most of my free time on YouTube.

    Lucky Dolphin! ‘Cause it’s unique and most of people recognize you with the name.

  46. Nasriyah Kadhar Shah says:

    My instagram is @nasriyahk . Yes of course you should vlog! I have seen all your previous vlogs in instagram and I would say posting it in Instagram is more safety for you. Since your family is always in the limelight, being in a big platform like YouTube will cause more harm and negativity to you meanwhile in Instagram you can minimize the harm by not a big margin but still it does a little different. If you decide to do it in YouTube, go by your name Athisha Khan! Since you are growing up to be an adult, this will be the foundation for your brandname that will eventually help you in entrepreneurship.

  47. Syazwany says:

    hye babe ! my instagram is @wae.ny .. you should do more vlog because i’m really love watching vlog especially the people i like so i think your vlog is so stunning with the editor and the music….anyways i like watching your vlog in instagram but i think you should do in youtube because youtube have no limit time..i think lucky dolphin it better because different than other (unique) you gave me so much inspiration..of course i follow you in instagram..you so beautiful ? xoxo ?

  48. Athirah says:

    I baru je follow u kat insta, IG i @athirah48, i just found that neelofa ada adik sorang lagi thru ameera’s ig and her name is Athisha, since nama i Athirah, i berkenan gila nak bagi kat my future baby girls sebab u cantik yakmat! Hahahah. Btw, i memang truly support kalau u nak vlogging sebab lately i saw few videos kat insta, u rakam dengan gopro, n u edit, ya Allah, very au naturale lah, salah satu sebab why i like Athisha Khan selain dia cantik n comel is u memang natural, outspoken, very bubbly, minat gile kat you. I recommend post dekat IG, tp kalau u rajin, boleh post dekat utube jugak. Tapi i personally love your IG’s video, sebab dia 1 min kan, so u kinda compress and choose moment yang u really like n u wanna preserve, n u wanna show to us, gichew, mcm pepandai plak i. Plis Athisha, more video from uuuuuu.

  49. Farra Arisha says:

    Dearest Athisha,

    It’s been a long time since I last visited your blog. Wish everything goes smoothly with you. Good luck and all the best in your future. With the emergence of 2017, here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year! ?

    First of all, my Instagram username is @farraarisha96. You can call me Arisha. I’ve been one of your blog readers since you first created theluckydolphin.com and if you ever noticed, I have also left my comments on some of your blog posts before this. I’m kinda impressed with your blog due to the name of Lucky Dolphin itself and the stories you’ve posted about. All of your blog posts are interesting to read and they leave mixed impressions to me and definitely to everyone as well. I enjoyed watching each and every video of you as it’s always full of happiness and joy and I sometimes think you wear your heart on your sleeve and that makes me take my hat off you forever, to be honest. ?

    As you’re familiar with videos, I’d simply say, go for it! Vlogging is a popular method to talk about anything ― family, travel, beauty, cooking, etc. and share and develop your ideas, thoughts, knowledge and interests on a subject to your audience online. Also, people these days no longer have patience to even read (but I don’t) that I guarantee that you can make vlogging possible as you can compile stories/contents in one video. Plus, with your outgoing personality, talents and skills for being and talking in front of the camera (I know this can be a really daunting experience for some, but you’re downright different ― you’re cool, comfortable and confident that way ?) and for editing as well, you can absolutely be one of the best vloggers out there.

    Be it on Instagram or Youtube, both would be the ideal platforms for you to share your vlogs with the world as people nowadays are engaging with social medias. But yeah, from my perception, Youtube has become synonymous with videos and its duration lasts much, much longer rather than Instagram. So there you should start your own Youtube channel and get in touch with your viewers and subscribers by uploading your vlogs consistently. Simultaneously, you can reveal the sneak peek on your Instagram as well as your other social media pages in order to let people notified when they expect new vlogs from you. You might be taking a lot more time and effort to go into this, I hope you’d stay committed and be consistent alright, you go girl! ?

    Between Athisha Khan or Lucky Dolphin, both options actually have their own pros and cons. People recognize Athisha Khan as a figure who’s beautiful, cheerful and family-oriented and for who you really are while the Lucky Dolphin is another side of you or character you’ve portrayed for yourself with some reasons. If you feel like growing your personal brand name or to be easily connected in search results, your choice for Athisha Khan isn’t a mistake at all. Nonetheless, I once coincidentally read the article saying about what the Lucky Dolphin is to you and how it relates to your life and what I can only remember is that it’s something close to your heart. ? So what’s there left? I’m rooting for the Lucky Dolphin as it’s easy to pronounce, unique and unusual to hear. If you can put this blog’s name after the Lucky Dolphin, why not for your Youtube channel’s? The choice is all yours and it all depends a lot on your lifestyle and personal preferences!

    All in all, regardless of to vlog or not to vlog, whichever platform you want to post your vlogs, whatever name you’d like to put for your Youtube channel ― Just make sure you make videos that you genuinely like and that you enjoy with! Have fun spending hours filming and editing them! Keep them coming! Major love for Athisha Khan @ Lucky Dolphin. ❤?

  50. Jiha San says:

    Yoo! Wassup bro ( i mean sis) . ok not funny. Well, salam athisha, it was nice to know u thru insta last two year,even tho u dont know me?. I love reading ur blog. Btw,i love the most about ur vlogging! It is a marvelous idea thisha for u to start vloging, i mean u have so much talent, witty funny, lots of joke,creative,brilliant. Sometimes whenever i feel down because of study ,friends,i read ur post,or now watching ur video. One minute is definitely not enough,shall do it on youtube. I think Athisha Khan suits u the most. Yeah,it totally describe who u are. Morever,u already had this lucky dolphin name for the blog why not make it different for youtube channel,giving fresh start.? myinstagram @swaggyikon8

  51. Hammadahz says:

    Hello atisha khan, you should know that YOU ARE AWESOME! I’m not chasing the giveaway thingy, but I’m here just to tell you that YOU ARE AWESOME! Hehe. I adore your personality and the positive vibes that you are carrying with you! It makes me wanna be like you. What i can say is one day you’ll be someone or anyone idol atisha 🙂 (obviously me)
    You should be vlogging atisha, and I am going to be ur number 1 fan. Happy new year!

  52. Khadijah says:

    Hi, I am Khadijah and my insta user name is @knaixx

    I have been reading your blog since Fynn Jamal mentioned you, I think, you know she screencaped your message to her and said this is why she loves teaching, the impacts she gives to her students; stuffs like that.

    1. YES FOR VLOGGING! And why? Because whether you realise or not in today’s world we prefer videos over writing. Not only it is more fun, practical and engaging it will also allow you to interact more with the viewers. I personally have watched thousands vlogs more than blogs simply because they are easier to be engaged to.

    I’d say, post your vlog on YouTube (please make it super aesthetic!! With good music!!!) And use user name Lucky Dolphin because this is what we call branding. Brand yourself. So that ppl will remember you as ‘ohhh that lucky dolphin girl on YouTube I really like her she’s so fun and genuine’!

    I think that’s all. Good luck girl in you future endeavors and you can do it! I will be your loyal fan okay if you do vlog!


  53. sgrmse. says:

    happy 2017, dolphin!! 😀 😀 love quay! i bought my shades from a year ago and haven’t looked back since. hehe. more power to you in the coming year, hon and MOST DEF take a whack at vlogging!

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