YouTube, you are not my friend

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Fine, I’ll just tell you. I’ll be telling you about my Raya through a video. Everything is done but for me to show it to you lot over here, I would have to get it on YouTube first. The upload is pretty quick but for the video to process it just takes wayyyyy too long. Actually, it has been at 0% since forever. YouTube is being a pain in the butt.

I spent a week in Kedah then a week in Kelantan and I just arrived a day ago. The wifi there was… hmm, let’s just not talk about that. I used up all my internet data from my phone to try to quicken the process but it still didn’t work! I thought it was because of the poor wifi connection but even the wifi at home isn’t doing any good.

Give me till the last day of Syawal to get that up because I WILL GET IT DONE!! Hmh! Meantime, maaf zahir dan batin. Hehe.

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