‘who is most likely to?’ with Frieda Violet

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Frieda and I have been friends for more than three years. Aside from that, we’ve also been each other’s roommates for a whole year so I can easily say that she of all people would be one that knows me pretty well and with that, I decided to film a video with her!

In this video, we played the ‘Who Is Most Likely To?’ game. Watch it below :

Frieda’s playsuit is from H&M, my top is from Zara and my lipstick is a Lip Bullet from Topshop in the colour Joyride.

At least now you all know some new things about me. Including that I’m Rowan Atkinson’s understudy.

Hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video as much as we enjoyed filming it (a little too much, to be honest). More coming your way!

P/S: I am aware that I’ve not been writing as often but I will get back on track as soon as my life gets a teensy-weensy bit more interesting. Which will be soon becauseee.. I’ll be back home in four days! And this time for a whole week instead of a short weekend so, lets hope something happens soon.

Alsoooo, I have something already planned out for me at the start of my holiday which I will tell you about soon, once it’s all confirmed, okiedokie? I’ll be posting on that in a day or two, so wait patiently for the revelation of my oh-so-exciting holiday plan. Sweet dreams, everyone! 

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  1. your stalker says:

    Hi athisha! I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your story. Um actually i wanna request a video about your daily routine or after school routine. I really enjoy watch some of people doing their video like ava allan. Please do one! Hehe

  2. Mummy Anna says:

    Im 33 and i’m actually old enough to watch teen videos but you made interesting videos and funny too!! keep on posting girl!!!

  3. Sykn says:

    Yayy yayy yayy, moremoremore vivivideo!!!!

  4. im_89 says:

    Salam athisha!
    Woweee! I love to watch ur school life video. Hihi, so funny to know u can immitate mr bean..
    By the way, i think u should prepare the question early. Maybe u can exchange with friend b4 start the game.. so that the answer wil be extra,extra fun!
    Take care n bye!!

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