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Since my previous post, I’ve been getting emails asking when I’ll be posting ‘the Phuket video’ up and I didn’t reply to a single one of them. No, not because I’m sombong but because I myself didn’t know when I even could.

School started, homework began to pile up, every time I decide to relax for a bit, something just comes up. But, eventually, I found time to edit. So, I did.

That Monday morning, from everyone’s faces, we knew how excited each of us were. I even woke up early, which is rare to the extreme. You would hardly see me up earlier than 9am during school breaks, but seeing that I’ve made an exception for this, showed how thrilled I was. (I was trying very hard to keep my cool though, but was failing horribly.)

Iniala Beach House is a beautiful resort. Without question, it is one of a kind. It’s the kind that you would watch on Travel & Living Channel while slumping on the sofa at home wishing you were at the place the TV host is at. The amount of attention they put on little details, gives a huge impact on their guests. I’m not only talking about the architecture and interior design. I mean, food, service, activities and all the things that you might not think matters but when it’s done, your father nagging you about suggesting such an expensive place won’t bother you that much anymore.

The entire resort can only accommodate up to twenty people max which obviously means it is a private one. It, being secluded far away from the busy towns, having exclusive themes for each room , having three Michelin star chefs in the kitchen preparing your every meal, is what makes this resort such a pain in the butt to be made a holiday destination, as it’ll burn a hole in your pocket for sure. In my case, my father’s. Once in a long while, he wouldn’t mind of course but mention about going on another holiday the next few months, be ready to be shot with Faliq’s Nerf guns by him .

Too bad not the whole family could be there. But then, my whole family would probably exceed twenty people. Those who went would know that this trip brought us closer and made us understand each other better and will stay a beautiful memory to us all.

Now.. let’s watch the video! Once you have, send me a feedback!

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  1. Haziqqah says:

    I couldn’t watch the video because it says “the video is not available in your country.” huaaaa I want to watch it

  2. Iyliaamirah says:

    Kak Athisya, can I know where did you edit all your video?

  3. Silent Reader says:

    Hey there! Your trip looks amazing, but I think you need to improve on your video-editing skills 😀 You can try to watch Zoe (this famous HK blogger)’s vlogs on her blog called fashiononymous. net. Then again, it was awesome! Cheers 🙂

  4. Ameera’s Admirer says:

    Good video.. please make more video .. please I beg you

  5. Nadira says:

    The detailing of the hotel is definitely cray cray! Must be a fun trip! Love your writing and videos 🙂

  6. Feeza says:

    Love your video! and update your blog, love reading it!

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