Umi’s pulut kuning

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After boarding for more than three years, I became familiar to the idea of being far from home. Nonetheless, there are always times when we’re in school for way too long, I would just lie in bed, reminiscing the times when my entire family would gather and have a laugh, swiping from one picture to another. I begin to miss them.

Even when I’m home, my siblings don’t always have time for me and I would hide my neediness just so they won’t feel guilty. (Because gosh, I can get so clingy.) My parents visit often with bags of food to share with my friends. Normally, I would have my depressed moment with my bed after they leave.

My first term in this school, my dad forced himself to sleep each and every night (should I feel proud or not?) all because he couldn’t stand the fact that I’m not under his stinky armpit anymore. My mum would call me every time to simply ask where I was, whether my laundry was done or not, whether I miss her cooking and if I want to come home, haha. My dad would just keep his cool and would say that I can go back to Sri Cempaka if that’s what I want. Now, I think he prefers me being in school. -__-

Sigh, now I miss them.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going home but nobody besides my youngest sister will be with me. My brother is in Adelaide furthering his studies, one of my sisters and her family live in Sabah, my parents are back in Kelantan for some business issues and some of my other siblings have work in Singapore. I should throw a huge party at my house so my parents won’t ever dare to leave again.

The last time my parents went away, my sister Athira and I had a candle-lit lunch which wasn’t very romantic.. Because we were both sitting opposite each other at a long dining table so instead of having a nice conversation, we were basically shouting at each other. “WHAT? SPEAK UP! YOU’RE NOT THAT FAR AWAY.” And also, neither of us ate much because all the food was served right in the middle of the table and we couldn’t bother to get off out butts. Yes Daddy, that was where all the missing candles went.

You see. I don’t always get to be with my family. I don’t even get to spend much time with my parents let alone my grandparents! My grandmother from my dad’s side prefers to stay home as she has come of age to be mostly resting. But believe me, the word ‘rest’ is not at all in her dictionary. My gosh. That woman can’t keep still. Always in the kitchen. I have so much respect for her. Her idea of resting is when she gets to lie down in the afternoons to listen to this radio show which is about religious things, then she would call my dad and tell him the things she learned that day. I love you, Dadi. Now I miss her. My late grandfather left us a very long time ago and even if I’ve never met him before, I’ve always missed him. My Dada. So much greatness about him. Someone should write a book about my Dada. Maybe I will! Someday.

On another hand, my grandparents from my mum’s side loves coming over to KL. However, I won’t always be home when they’re around. But, when I am home, I never let them go! I hug them every time they stop walking and I would hold them every single time I get the chance to. I love them so much! And I’m doubtlessly their favourite granddaughter. *evil laugh*



Faliq sibuk.

Best part of their visits…





I was all smiles that day.

Abah, Umi and Umi’s pulut kuning, I love you all so much!

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