twelve hours to go…

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Ditched my laptop a little too long, I know. Blame it on Inara. Anyways, I’ll be leaving for London in twelve hours and those coming along are:

Daddy, Mama, Kak Nabila, Kak Neelofa, Kak Thira, Ameera and Faliq.

Eight of us will be there for a week and I’m so psyched for this trip because finally, the husbands, the homeworks, the business stress are abandoned. (I’m sorry brother in laws, I’ll get you a fridge magnet each.) This trip, it’s all about being able to upgrade my closet at home with better clothes, to visit some colleges I may want to apply to, and of course, to spend quality time with the family. However, not the whole family is coming with. Those who aren’t are:

Kak Sara, Abang Din, Abang Herman, Kak Nellisa, Abang GG, Lala Aqief  and Inara.

 Wait, change of plans..


She decided to come along after I told her all about Hamleys.

Hehe, just kidding, all she did was bite her rubber ducky while starring at her irritating aunt.

My family is not a very small one you see, so it isn’t that easy to get everyone together. Not for now at least. But I’m happy with how the plan is going for the trip already, and so is everybody else. My plan for tonight is to keep myself busy and not sleep at all if possible so I can snooze all the way to Heathrow Airport tomorrow! But I’m sure once I step onto my bed and under my covers, I’ll fall fast asleep right away. We have to be up by 5.30 am tomorrow so there is really no point in sleeping if you’re not going to have a good one, right?

I’ve got to go now! Gonna see if there’s any Redbull left downstairs.

P/S: Please pray for us to have a safe flight tomorrow. We’re all currently a little afraid after talking about MH370 just now. Thank youuuuuu.

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