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Yesterday, I turned sixteen! And I had a very very very good time. *smiles widely at laptop while typing*

Being a boarder, I don’t get to spend my actual birthday with my family but fret not, my ever so caring siblings threw a surprise party last weekend and guess what.. They succeeded! Best part of the surprise was that I had no idea at all. My dad is a man I can never win an argument with so he was in charge of making sure I agree with going for a family dinner at One World Hotel.

After Maghrib, we left the house..


..and arrived at colortree’s showroom.

*looks at dad confusedly* “Wait. No fancy dinner???”






Took my eyes off the cake for two seconds and Faliq’s mission was already accomplished.




Thank you so much to my whole family! You guys are the best.

(Catering by @trqsalleh)

My teacher came up to my table and said “Stay back once the bell rings, I need to talk to you.” WHAT DID I DO THIS TIME?!? NOOOO!! NOT ON MY BIRTHDAY!

Obviously I kept my cool and said alright with the sweetest voice possible to lessen my punishment. Once the bell rang, all she said was ‘happy birthday’ and then gave me a piece of paper someone had handed her to pass to me at the end of class. I felt like giving her a big big hug and telling her how much I love her but well, I had to keep cool. The paper said to follow the arrows outside my classroom and someone will be there with a clue.


These arrows were all over school which meant, I had to walk all around school. Every clue was put in a balloon and to get the clue, I would have to pop it so this was how I looked most of yesterday’s afternoon.


Finally, I reached my final destination.


Everyone sang the birthday song at my arrival leaving me like this..


And then again at night, there was another surprise by the same bunch and this one was very very unexpected and everyone made the night very lively and I simply loved it. I don’t have any photos with me at the moment but I’ll try getting it as soon as possible. Thank you so much Erin. I love you so so much. Thank you to those who helped plan the surprise and to those who came.

Right after the celebration, my mum called saying around this time, sixteen years ago, she gave birth to me and wished me for the billionth time. I love you mama. I love you so much.

Walking back to my boarding house, I realised I had Econs homework to do so I rushed back. Just as I stepped into my room..


..another surprise!!!!! Econs can wait.





Isn’t it beautiful!! Arni and Nina hung photos with strings and I wanted to cry, but well, I have to keep my cool remember? I kept on going ‘awwwwww’ everytime I looked at another photo and I seriously would have cried if no one was looking. Thank you so much. I love you two very very much.

Thank you all so much.

Last but not least, my birthday gift to myself this year is this blog. I’ve been longing to blog for so long but I decided that I want my blog to share the same birthday with me. I hope you, whoever you may be, will support this blog from now on because that would mean the world to me. With God’s will, everything will go well.

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