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Guess who cleaned her closet today! I’ve been procrastinating for waaaay too long so I decided to finally clear away the ones I don’t need anymore. My closet overflows with what I wish to call essentials but come on, can’t keep lying to myself. I don’t need all of them. Plus, I went for a talk by Ustazah Alina last week and she was saying how it isn’t good to be hoarding the things we don’t need and all. Felt like my mum told her to choose that specific topic to talk about as a hint for me. Got it, Mama!


Some will be given away to charity, some have been given to my sister, some will be sold here on LD (what do you think?) and the remaining ones remain in my closet. 

I find clothes I’ve never even worn before, some I never knew I had!! Crazy. My dad would kill me if he knew and since he reads this blog, sorry Daddy hehe.

Look at this kaftan!


I never wore this before but I remember buying it online. It looked so much better on the model, btw. 

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  1. JH says:

    Love your wit! And I think it’s a brilliant idea for you to sell them here!! First customer!

  2. Fatehah Hashim says:

    Naaakk!!!! Jual okey!

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