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Haiqal is visiting as frequently as he can now since there are only 22 days left before he flies off to the UK. Download Dreamdays on App Store if you have something to countdown to. (It’s both helpful and depressing at the same time to have it in your phone, in my opinion.)

Since school started, I’ve been seeing him a couple of hours every Saturday. This week he’ll be coming once more and I’ll be going home after as well so we’ll be seeing each other a little more!

A couple of days ago, we met and I was so excited to be spending time together even if it meant going to a drive-through and eating in a parked car next to McDonalds. Once that was done, it was getting late so we decided to call it a night. Looked down at waze as the road got more and more familiar and saw “16 MINUTES TO DESTINATION”. Just with that, I burst into tears. 22 days will fly by. Just like that night did.

Wrote the above quite a while ago now. Time flew by even faster than I thought it would.  4 days to go. Time, please slow down. You can pick up the pace once he leaves, hehe. 


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