rock, paper, scissors

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A couple of days ago, Haiqal and I were having lunch at our school dining hall. Usually, once we put our trays down, Haiqal would get sambal belacan, kicap or fruits and I would get buns and butter. But on this particular day, he became lazier than usual and wanted me to get everything. Obviously, I wouldn’t just be like, “OKAY!” (not to him at least.) Have to jual mahal sometimes, hehe.

Alaaaa, pleaaaase! Just this once!”

No, Haiqal. You’re only saying just this once now then next time you’ll make me do it again.”

No, I really won’t. I promise!”

*starts eating my food without waiting for him*

Fine, rock, paper, scissors.”


You just know you’re going to lose.”

Not at all. I’m actually always lucky playing this game, okay.”

Prove it.”

Round one.. (I’m so easily persuaded.) Had my hand made into a fist (rock) and his hand was opened up (paper).

Hah! Where’s your luck now.”

I wasn’t ready. That was only a trial round. Again!!”

Round two.. Both our hands made into scissors.

Round three.. Both our hands made into rocks.

Great minds do think alike.”

Round four, final round.. Haiqal – scissors, Athisha – …rock!

HA-HAH! I win I win! You lose. Now get me my sambal. Cepat cepat.”

No fair! Come on, best of three.”

My wrist is beginning to hurt. I’m sorry.”

You are the worst!”

No point arguing, just go get my sambal now!”

We were so noisy, I can almost swear I heard form one kids judging us from across the room.

Came as no surprise that he completely ignored me and just started eating with the grumpiest face ever. I felt so bad for being such a professional at rock, paper, scissors, I just rolled my eyes and went to get buns and butter for him and also some precious sambal for myself. Can’t be too jual mahal, right?

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