prom 2015: part 3

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Yessss, the final part. Hahaha.

I’d firstly like to apologise to those who have been waiting for me to post about prom. I’m a horrible person for delaying this over and over again. You know I love my blog and readers. Maafkan saya.

Read part 1 and 2 here. 

So, I went back, ordered more food. Guys, I have no idea what was going on with me that day. I ate for my whole family that day. Took my migraine meds and realised my skin started to feel a burn. 

This happened.


Sorry you have me this close up..

So this helped.


Helped-ish. For a very short time. As soon as I took it off my face, it starts to burn again.

I’ve had make up on many many many times. For other events and photoshoots where I had double the amount of make up and this never happened. HUGE QUESTION MARK??


Woke up the next morning with even worse conditions. I was curled up on the bed feeling so down and in pain, haha. I’m guessing there was something the make up artist used which didn’t suit my skin. But my dearest sister, Nabila, put on a bath for me.


So it made the day better. Love youuuu. 

The pain went away after what felt like months. (A week.) I’m just a baby, to be honest. And that’s the end of Prom 2015! Can’t wait for this year’s. Oh wait, guess what. It’s tomorrow. That’s how much I’ve procrastinated. 

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  1. Erni Hasmiza says:

    Dear, gambar first tu nampak macam mata you penat T_T

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