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Here goes a post I should have blogged about months ago. It’ll be a simple one. Mostly because I’ve forgetten what happened. Hehehe. Life of a forever-procrastinating blogger. I’ll break it up into four sections. Read part one here!

1) Final preparations.

The most trusted, Cicie, did my make up and hair. I showed her my dress and said, “do what you want.” The make up incorporated all three colours of the theme; black cat eyes, gold glitter eyeshadow and dark red lips. So she did great. I loved it!





2) My table.

Ten to a table. Since most of my friends were leaving, Haiqal left me to choose who I want to sit with, to be fair. Wasn’t a tough choice. Obviously, it would have been Frieda, Erin and Moon. Moon had to sit elsewhere though, but we were all with each other most of the time anyway so, the seating wasn’t a huge problem for us. Anyway, meet my tablemates.

Haiqal, of course, and my beloved Ifi. (Guess who had a blue tongue throughout prom night…)


Frieda and Ismail, as dates, and Ryan.


From this photo it looks like Ryan and Ismail are the dates to be honest. -___-

Laetitia, Nigel and Adhni.


And lastly, my gorgeous Erin who wore a Kendall Jenner-inspired dress which was beautiful. I wish I had a full body picture with her!!! Instead, I could only see her though this vase.


Thank god it was transparent too, if not I wouldn’t have been able to see Kendall Erin at all.

I wanted cotton candy so badly but nobody layan me. Until I did this.



Then Haiqal gave up trying to ignore me.


I got mine in pink so I won’t have to look like I ate a smurf. Half the people at prom had blue tongues anyway so no one would have cared if I did too.

3) My prom date.

The best part. I love him and how he took care of me. He stole my mashed potatoes from the main course but I still loved him. How he held the train of my one billion kg dress so that I won’t fall and plant my face on the floor. Queued up with me for the photobooth even if he wanted to escape after waiting for the first ten minutes.


I loved every bit of it with him. He’s just amazing. Worth the promposal, hehe. Don’t puke please. Let me be cheesy. Actually, *gives bucket* go ahead. I shall join you one day when I’m older and have come back to read about my first prom experience. Haiqal will be next to me doing the same thing.


IMG_1834 IMG_1840



4) Everyone else.

My phone kept saying “NO MORE STORAGE”. The number of apps I deleted that night was quite incredible. VSCOcam and Zalora had to stay, duhh. You know, the useful stuff. BBC News and Dictionary, gone.













It was a memorable night, (ironic because I started by saying I forgot most of what happened but you get what I mean) and I wouldn’t have wanted it to end any other way. Well, except.. it did. I got a migraine and Haiqal and I left as early as we could. Nonetheless, it was pretty exceptional and it definitely is a night I will always love to look back upon.

Part 3 on what I did post-prom will be up soon! By soon I mean a few days. This time, I promise! Let’s see who believes me this time. Hahaha.

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