prom 2015: part 1

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Remember when I said I’ll take you with me through everything to do with prom? That’s what I’ll be doing now. Just about four months late, no biggie right? Hehe, I’m horrible. Super sorry.

I have way too many pictures to make this one long post so I’ll be separating it into a few parts. Here’s part one! You should read this post, and this post and then this post and lastly, this post before reading any further!
If you follow me on Instagram, you would sort of know what happened before prom and what I wore but nothing more than that (I don’t think so at least). This was prom, the very last event marking the end of high school; the long-awaited event! My sisters and I booked a room at Grand Hyatt and it was a beautiful room with an even more beautiful view, the Twin Tower. Most people stayed with school friends but I was just like COME ON…. We’re boarding school students. We see each other daily. So, I took the less mainstream route, and took my sisters with me. 
As we arrived, we went to the Sky Floor (not sure what it’s really called) to check in! Kak Nabila took her IC out and the lady on the opposite side of the desk didn’t even get the chance to look at her IC before a man walked up to us and took the card from the confused receptionist, led us to the elevator, and brought us to the lounge where only certain hotel guests are allowed. Ameera and I wondered around while Kak Nabila checked us in.
We even ate okay!
No shame. Just as we were walking back to the elevator, this time to go to our room, the man who was apparently the hotel manager, politely asked “So which one of you is the bride?” I quickly pointed at Ameera in case my sister actually told them there was a wedding hence why we were treated so well. But, Kak Nabila looked puzzled at the question. After realising the situation, I burst out laughing. The man thought one of us was a bride for the wedding happening later that night, her name was also Nabila. No wonder we were allowed in cool people lounge.. He looked rather embarrassed for his confusion so he ushered us all the way to our room and kept apologising for what he did. What?! You can mistaken me for a bride any day Mister. The free desserts have made it up for you. 
Right after settling in, we went off for lunch! More food. 
As soon as we got back, the make up artist arrived so they got started.

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Few girls were saying on a Whatsapp group how hungry they were and how they can’t wait for prom to be over for them to have their very first meal of the day. Well, I on the other hand, was calling room service for.. even more food. 
When they came, Ameera rushed to the door and I watched her pass our room door. She opened the wrong door confidently and asked, “Eh? Why is it like this??”
 Goshhh -___-‘
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  1. Alyza Fisol says:

    hahaha…sometimes it did happen to me, confidently open the wrong door…haha

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