poll 3: prom dress fiasco

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Emergencyyyy!!!!!!! I need your help. Plan A for my prom dress didn’t work out too well. So, I have to go with Plan B. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Plan B.. Who knew I needed a back up plan. Oh well. 

Neelofa got a designer who can make one for me before this Saturday. THIS SATURDAY, PEOPLE! Scratch designer, I meant super designer. He’ll be coming to the house tonight to discuss how the design should be and to take measurements. Exciting! But, I need your help to choose the colour. The theme is circus-ish and theme colours are black, red and gold. Super classic, so cool. I thought of just following the theme because, why not right? But whatever the majority of the poll results say by tonight, I’ll choose that colour. So, in a way, you guys are part of prom for me as well!

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