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Learn that you can never please everyone. I’ve never had the intention to. I know it’s unachievable. We’re only human, we break.

Not everything, if not nothing, is as easy as it seems. Not everyone wants to read Law. Not everyone wants to be geologists. Not everyone wants to become a doctor. Not everyone wants to publish books. Not everyone wants to have the spotlight on them.

Never let anything define you. Your grades aren’t what makes you the you you’re meant to be. The number of followers you have doesn’t shape you. Your few bad days doesn’t mean your whole life is going downhill. You not winning that gold medal doesn’t mean you didn’t win everybody’s hearts. You missing home, missing someone, missing some things doesn’t make you weak. It makes you human. We’re all only human.

To those in the midst of university application: University, to me, is not something that either makes you or break you. You don’t know where life can take you. It doesn’t end when you pick your university. Don’t get pressurised into thinking it’s Oxbridge or nothing. Don’t get pressurised into believing that you need to do exactly what everyone else around you is doing. If you want to study Literature, it’s yours. If you want to go for Economics, by all means. If you want to learn Fashion Design, nothing should stop you. Grab the opportunity and dive into it. Go with your passion and money will follow. Don’t need to worry about that. Contentment is the best kind of wealth anyone can have.

If you feel down today, remember that you’re not alone. Remember that it gets better. This is not the end. My best friend, Frieda, constantly reminds that if times are tough, you’re much tougher. God finds His ways to pick you back up. Just wait and see. Put on a smile thinking of something to be grateful for. Making others happy should make you happy as well so – I’d like to say to you reading this, you’ve made me happy. Happy that I’m able to ramble on and on to someone on the days I need to remind myself that I’m only human.

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  1. any_an says:

    hi~thx you~feel better now~haha

  2. Radha says:

    Hello dear. Can you share beauty tips. How to maintain your makeup for a very longlonglong day. What type of foundation, lipstick colour did u used. I just love your makeup! Thx.

  3. najwa nasri says:

    kak thisha you are really inspired me xoxox
    I love reading all your story

  4. Violet says:

    And thank you for writing this Athisha! For at least I know, I’m not alone in this bittersweet life battle.

  5. MISS UNKNOWN says:

    i shall thank you a lot for this post recently i’ve had a hard time since my A level is coming real soon and i’ve been really stressed up THANK YOU

  6. Jx says:

    Hi. Now i rasa more motivated after baca ni. Byk yg i can relate to this. Thank youu 🙂

  7. MG97 says:

    Feeling a bit better reading this. Keep inspiring people dear. Feeling quite down right now and this makes me happy. 🙂 ?

  8. Noora Azman says:

    Thank you for the much love words…

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