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That’s it. That’s another year gone. Summer holidays have started, Haiqal will no longer go to the same school as me. He’s now a KTJ alumnus.

I cried like a baby on his graduation day. My Literature and History teachers saw me in tears and came to comfort me and made jokes to put a smile on my face. Thank God for people like them. I knew I would cry, so I was sort of prepared. Sort of.

My duty that day was to organise the scrolls for the graduates and pass them to the guest of honour and school principal to hand to the outgoing class of 2016. I was fine doing the job. Fine until it got closer and closer to the end, as it got closer and closer to W, my heart began to beat faster. When the emcee announced, “Wan Amirul Haiqal bin Wan Ruzlan Iskandar”, I clenched my teeth together trying to hold back my tears but felt a teardrop roll down my cheek. That’s it. That’s our life in KTJ together gone.

I saw him after the ceremony and we took photos. I tried to be as normal as I can be. He knows I was sad, I’m sure he does. But what’s the point of spending the last few days in school together being sad about there being only a few days left.



Saw him for the last time after KTJ’s annual Speech Day and he sent me off before I did my final packing. I was down, haha. That day, I was soooooo down. Salam-ed him then turned around to walk back to my house. Heard him utter.. “This is the last time already.” Well, thank you, Haiqal! I didn’t cry enough kan. You just had to. *angry face* The further away I got from him, the harder I cried. Till I arrived home. Honestly . My driver must have thought I’m the one graduating, haha. (Crying right now while typing this. Told you, I’m a baby.)

I know it’s probably odd that I’m this sad. I’m just not used to not having him around. He’s been part of my life for the longest time and has played a huge, huge role. I know, insyaAllah, it’ll stay this way forever, but losing our KTJ life together is a huge loss to me. We still have so much more to face together, insyaAllah! LDR, university, work, family, marriage, what else. Sooooo much more. This is just the beginning.

I will always be proud of you and grateful to Allah for letting me meet such a wonderful person. Congratulations, smarty pants. See you tomorrow. I love you.

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