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For your information, I cry very easily. But but, only at sweet mushy things, or when someone scolds me (only when I know for sure that it is my fault) and even when my dad gives me a hug. Actually, even when he pats my head… To get to the point, YESSSSS, I am a crybaby. So what!!

I’ve been on an emotional roller-coaster lately so my concerned roommates made this for me.






How sweet ): but I didn’t cry!! Not sweet enough then. Little did they know what a baby I can be sometimes but who cares, I get free candy. My previous roommates became tired of wiping my tears so they came up with this.





(They wrapped tissue over my eyes)

Bella and Frieda, you guys are the best! We’re doubtlessly the best occupants of LR7 *flips hair*. I want to be romantic with you guys too but you two are never sad!! Which stinks….

I love you both so much. Thank you.

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