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Exactly two months ago yesterday, I wrote my previous post. I’ll be surprised if anyone is even reading this, unless you’re my mum then I’m not, but if you aren’t, I don’t even know what to say. Even I’ve given up on hoping I’ll update soon. Thank you so very much for sticking around.

College has started and right before it did, my grandpa fell sick so I took a short trip to Kelantan to see him (he’s alright again now, don’t you worry!) and that is why I haven’t been updating my blog. I’ve really wanted to and I really do have sooooo much to blog about it’s just time that I’m lacking. Whenever I get some extra time on my hands, I spend it with my friends or use it to take a little breather but I can’t express enough how much I miss blogging oh my godddd. *hugs laptop tightly*

It’s 6 minutes to 1a.m. now.. Seriously hoping none of my teachers ever come across my blog. I’ll post more often from now. You can count on me! (Actually, don’t.) Goodnight, everyone. Talk to you in another two months. Kidding.

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  1. cik bunga says:

    hey thisha! u’re so funny..haha n cute! 🙂

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