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HELLOOOOOO, BLOG!! *hugs laptop* I’ve missed you.

Don’t expect frequent any updates till June, okay? Exams are coming in two weeks, and it lasts for about a month. This isn’t just any exam, this time it’s IGCSE so it is pretty darn important. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s more or less like the SPM for schools which follow the British syllabus.

One more month. One more month till I can forget all about Geography and Science and ahhhh. One more month to freedom! One more month to the end of secondary school and to saying goodbye to most of my friends who won’t be staying in KTJ for A Levels. One more month to something I dread thinking about every time, something which I prefer to keep private for now but will be shared soon (once it’s all confirmed). One more month to blogging again. 

For now, it’ll just be another long hiatus.

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  1. Hahaguessmelah says:

    Take your time! Goodluck btw

  2. sgrmse. says:

    Looking forward to it— you write so well!

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