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I don’t think I’ve properly introduced Yusoef yet, so let me just do it quickly. He’s the current youngest of the family and has the cutest cheeks in the world. Also, I’ve not met him yet. *wails*

Sabah isn’t all that far but feels like it’s halfway across the world. Yusoef was born when I had exams, on the 17th of November. One day after my dad’s birthday. If he were to be born a day earlier, there would have been three generations sharing the same birthday. #damnitYusoef #funfact

Inara knows how to blow a kiss, do the 1Malaysia sign and even say Aunty! Ti! (That’s me, btw. And the other five of my sisters…)

Missing out in their lives so much makes me very guilty, very upset but then again, there’s nothing I can do. Sometimes I imagine them not even remembering me each time we meet and I’d have to introduce myself every time. But, I’m aware that I always jump right to the worst worst case scenario there can possibly be which makes it all better again.

They visit maybe three times a year, which sucks but my sister chose this path in her life and well, I’ve just got to learn to suck it up and


thank God for FaceTime.

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