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I’ve been stuffing my face with junk food all week to keep myself awake while completing homework. First day at the library, I almost fell asleep after only an hour. Second day, I snuck in gummy bears (how rebellious) and was alert the entire time!

This term is very short, meaning exams are just around the corner. Therefore, I can’t be updating my blog too often. I actually have to research and write a plan on ‘why gay marriage should be allowed’ for an essay which will be written in class tomorrow now, but since I’m not in the mood to care about that now I miss you guys so much, I decided to post tonight!

Unfortunately, my life isn’t at all interesting at the moment. Unless you want to know all about how Hitler went cray and controlled the whole of Germany a few decades ago. Sooooo interesting!

By the way, did you know that Hitler didn’t achieve his ambition to be an artist, as he was rejected from some art school. I bet that university regretted sooo much for not accepting him. They could have saved so many lives! And have you seen Hitler’s photo as a baby? SO CUTEEE. I can’t believe a bundle of adorableness turned out to be so damn evil. Moral of the story: don’t trust babies. 

Oh no…. WHAT HAS HISTORY DONE TO ME! I’m so boring. I’ll come back when my life is less dull. Good night everyone!


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  1. Fazweena says:

    Haii athisha! I super duper adore LD. Like how there are times u added a little sense of humour into ur posts, love how u write and BASICALLY EVERYTHING. I’m CONSTANTLY checking ur blog EVERYDAY either before I hit the sack or when I got up from bed or at ANY HOURR. Now that I’m a little bit addicted to it, I JUST WANNA READ MORE and more and more. I wish u all the luck in future!


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