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to Thailaaaaand! Most of my siblings are coming with and my parents are as well, of course. Oh! And one of my cousins is tagging along too! Me excites. We’ll be staying at Iniala Beach House. Yes, the one the Kardashians stayed at. And no, this has nothing to do with us trying to be like them or whatever. No no no no no. A big no no to that. They’re them, we’re us! Got it, people?

Hehe, I know some of you would probably not even have that thought come across your mind but some, as anyone would expect, would. Especially because when my sister posted a picture of the hotel on Instagram, most of the comments were somewhat like “Eee. Nak jadi Malaysian Kardashians ke? Please guys, just be yourselves.” Excuuuuuse me! HMMPH. Don’t like. We don’t want to be like them, you do. *shows tongue*

But then again, as I’ve said multiple times before, I’m sure the ones who read my blog are all respectful and respectable people so, I don’t expect to get anything like what my sister gets from her followers. Just kidding, you have alright followers too, Kak Nabila.

Anyways, back to the main reason I’m writing this post… I’m so easily distracted.

We’ll be leaving on Monday and will be staying there till Thursday. I know it is a little short but we can’t drag it on for too long because someone (me) has to be back in school on the Sunday of that week. Boohoo.

As far as I know, the Wi-Fi there is gonna be cray fast but I could be very wrong. But hopefully I’m not because, I plan to film videos throughout the trip. And whatever I don’t get to record, I will blog about! So you’ll be reading posts and watching videos too! Yay!!

My plan was to have a video of all the preparations I make before leaving which will include all the things I will be doing during the two days at home (you’ll see what I pack and what not) up till when I leave Thailand. I know, I know, I can’t wait too. 

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  1. Haziqqah says:

    Suka baca blog ni!! Salam dr California

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