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After a whole year of not seeing Kak Nellisa, Abang GG, and more importantly Inara and Yusoef (he isn’t even one actually, meaning I’ve never met him before this!), I forced them they decided to come to KL!

I’ve always been worried that Inara and Yusoef wouldn’t recognise me if it isn’t through FaceTime so I planned ahead and prepared this at their arrival..


I became their favourite human being instantly. The money bank and mug is mine by the way. 

 These are some of the photos from the week spent with these little ones.


ISH, SOOO CUTE! I miss them so, so much.

Aaaand lastly, here’s a video from the day they arrived. Hope you like it!!

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  1. im_89 says:

    Salam, Athisha!

    Wow! So long to read on ur family story again. I know it must be because u’ve got no time to upload.

    You know, study life. But it just beginning. Try to figure out untill you reach to university life. Haha!

    Btw, i really love to read and look at all of ur story. Especially when u have numbers of sibling. They adorable, hateable (haha) and so lovable.

    Whatever it is, i pray that u and me to have a pleasant and blessed life with ur family. You know, b4 u really get married, this is the time u must appreciate so much. So enjoy!

    See u in next writing, thisha! Bye!

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