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Only six papers left guys!


Too excited until highlighting also become cacat.

After each paper, I literally feel like checking with Cambridge if there’s a possibility of me becoming an examiner so I can mark my own papers and give myself a huge A*. For you know, effort or something. 

So far, everything hasn’t been too bad but if you ask me what the test for water is now, I wouldn’t know already even if I just answered that a couple of hours ago. Every time I finish a paper, I tend to automatically smile so so much and forget about how horribly I probably did. My cheeks would actually hurt from it and I would tell myself to stop smiling like a complete fool before someone thinks I’m trying to cheat or something. I just feel soooo happy that I won’t ever have to sit for any Combined Science or Geography or ahhhh.. best nyaaaa.

Right now my motto is, just tawakal to Allah. I mean, what more can I do anyway.

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  1. im_89 says:

    salam athisha,

    wow, this is my first tme i looked at exam schedule for private school. because of curse i was schooling at public school and for sure the exam will not be the same.

    but Alhamdulillah, i manage to pass all papers and have my own way in deciding my life.

    some people thinks that what u learn from school will determine who u will be when u grow up. but trust me, life is not in people hand, it’s under Allah’s knowledge

    so do all the best you can do. and let Allah repay. dont forget to feel grateful with any result that u get.

    aah! i have one tip that i do apply during my study from schoolhood until campus life. i will never forget to ask bless from my parents. as a fact, because their bless i can answer the paper even its a tough one.

    good luck thisha! see you, bye!

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