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Here’s a screenshot three hours after I posted my raya video..


I LOVE ALL OF YOU. I know I didn’t reply to all of them but I did read each and everyone’s and you guys made me cryyyy. Such an overwhelming response to such a simple question; “do you guys want more videos?” You d’bomb!

I know I went MIA for a long time but things suddenly got so hectic at school so mhmmmmmm.

Now, here’s a video of Erin and I giving out facts about each other. Hope you like it!

Btw, thank you sooo much Erin for preparing breakfast for the two of us and for being willing to wake up at five in the morning to film this with me. I love you too much, bestie. In case you guys missed it, click here to go to check out some tote bags from her business!

Another video will be up soon! So, stay tuned? Goodnight everyone.

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  1. Amy says:

    Omg I have scoliosis too! HATE going for physiotherapy

  2. Sykn says:

    Can’t wait for the next videooooooo

  3. im_89 says:

    Salam athisha…
    Tq for sharing the inside of u that we never know..
    Never knew that u’re suffering scoliosis.. but then it’s a test for every human. Don’t give up on praying and continue ur treatment as well..
    Last but not least have a bless friendship bond with people around u.

    Oh! One more thing, do wear proper attire when u are at field, cause there are many insects thingy.. and i can see why u n erin keep scratching.. haha!!

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