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Most of you would probably already know that I have a sister who lives in Sabah with her family. No matter the distance and no matter how many times we see each other in a year, we talk almost everyday and we stay as close as ever. I call her through FaceTime almost every other day and I can tell my niece is already bored of me telling her to say different words just to see how adorably she pronounces them.

Years back, Haiqal gave me a necklace from Tiffany & Co. and I’ve mentioned it before a couple of times but doesn’t hurt to say it again; it is literally my most favourite piece of jewellery to date. Besides its sentimental value, it just looks so sophisticated and simple which I love very much. It being from Haiqal gives it bonus points.

Few months ago, my sister got one too! The exact same one. So it just gave the necklace even more worth and meaning to me. I loved it even more.

A few months after.. guess what!! Inara got one too! From her Aunty Mia for her second birthday. Now, all three of us, Inara, her Aunty Mia and her (fav) Aunty Tita, are all buddies!! All three of us received it from the people who matter so much to us and us three having one each just makes it seem like we’re so connected and I love it. (Repetition of the word “love” brings emphasis to its meaning hence giving it a great amount of significance. Sorry, Literature is getting to me.)


She pointed at my necklace, showed me hers and went “SAMEEE!!” while giggling.

So excited to see Abang GG, Kak Nellisa, Inara and the tubby one. Just 7 more days! #overlyattached 

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