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There are many things I’m unhappy about with myself. I want to change the way I look, the way I think, the way people see me. And when I realise how little I can do to change these aspects, frustration fills me. I hate it. I want to feel content. I want to be happy.

There are also many things people aren’t happy about with me. Telling me I’m boring, saying that I’m overrated, demanding me to ‘tutup aurat’. Sweetheart, do you even know the meaning of overrated and if I’m boring, all you have to do is click on the red cross at the top left of your screen and save me some happiness. Also, do you not think that I don’t think about wearing the hijab? Some people aren’t ready yet okay? And I’m one of them.

And then, I remind myself that some things in life don’t go the way we want it to and God has made it the way it is for a reason. Is perfection really unachievable? No.

Well, it depends. How do you define perfection?

Not everything goes your way but some would say that that is part of what makes up perfection in life. Now, I try to think that way.

I care less about the negativity people bring without the intention of providing constructive criticism, but to simply hurt others and I’m working on being happy with myself.

I’m sure many can relate, especially those around my age. Looking at those girls on Instagram and Tumblr, like ughhh, eat something!!!! Here’s a video I came across which made me smile and think. Watch, watch!


Be happy with what you have. Forget what people think about you. Who the hell cares. You’re special the way you are. Cliché, I know, but clichés are cliché for a reason. Hehe.

Seriously though, that’s an advice I should take too. Click here to watch a video of a sassy kid whom we should all try to be more like.

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  1. D3hydr8 says:

    ekekekeke. a`ah..
    kimsalam mimilofa etep. 🙂

  2. ema ismail says:

    salam, athisha..

    I’ve just got the chance to read your current posts, and just watch the video that u posted.

    I really hope that u’re not taking into deep with what u write down on this post.

    People are always giving comments but just to give some ideas not to condemns. sometimes, we also need to look at different side of what other people trying to say.

    if their word are really hurts you, just remind yourself that you have ur own way in deciding ur life. Not to ignore at all, just take the important point of what they say

    Cheer up, thisha. U have a lot of things to chase. In fact, u’re still young. So live to the fullest, ok?

    See you in next write up, bye!

  3. Hazim says:

    Umm hey mind if i ask you this?? are you a coder? do you know how to code?? do you know about html? css or javascript??

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