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Last Friday, I went for my fitting. The super designer (why super? read this post) for my dress is Zaimi Zulkafli. When I walked into his studio, all I could see were pretty dresses and I instantly knew my dress wouldn’t be very far off from what I expect now after seeing his work. I wasn’t wrong at all.

A long sleeved black dress, with three dimensional cloth from waist down, with a train and the slightest bare back ever, exactly what I asked for. I thought it was very age appropriate and so did my mum so, phew! The dress which had been worked on for only two days didn’t need any alterations at all! So, I happily brought it home.


Kept saying thank you over and over again to the designer and I’m going to say it once more here cos he’s amaaaaazing. Thank you so so much!!! Click here to see his other work.

So, I was worryless, happy and then I realised… I have no shoes or clutch!!!

Going without a clutch is still fine because all I needed was to bring my phone and what is a prom date for if he can’t keep it in his pocket whenever I ask him to, right? So, didn’t buy a clutch. Save cost.

Shoes. I couldn’t go barefeet! Well, I could have, because the dress would have covered my toes even if I tiptoed till I get cramps on my feet. But I didn’t, don’t worry. I went to Aldo right after and found these two.


Gold, great! Suits the theme. No size. The black one. Material used looks quite cool. Also no size.

Aldo! 38 is the average shoe size for girls (I think) so make more in that sizeeeeee. I almost left the store and then I saw a pair of black glittered heels and went “ok lah.” Sold!

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