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Salam Ramadhan, everyone! 5th day in already, Alhamdulillah. Hope everyone’s fasting is going very well and even better than any year before. My goal this Ramadhan is to not miss a single day of terawih prayers unless you know, yeah. You should know. 

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Hoping my mum will read my blog tonight, teehee.

Something about Ramadhan makes me want to binge eat every single night which is something I really don’t enjoy. The month is also about self-control and I should really apply that to night time as well. Probably.

You guys should go to the bazaar Ramadhan by Bangsar Village and try this Roti John by Kotak Kotak. I can’t wait to go home partially because of this! Look, even Tun M approved. 


So proud of Erin and her sisters.

Also, when you need to confirm it really is Ramadhan, check the AppStore. If you see these apps trending..


Then you’re right on schedule. 

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